Tips to Locate Perfect Resorts in Goa

In the past 10 years the land of beaches, sun and immense natural beauty has outgrown itself; a lot of houses, infrastructures, eateries and resorts in Goa have come up eating into the open spaces. Now it is a bit difficult to figure out the perfect place to dine or stay ; especially if none of a visitor’s friends or relatives has ever been to Goa (even though that is a rare situation). In that case, one has to be extremely aware of few things while choosing a place to stay. This goes specifically for those backpackers who can’t afford the ‘star’ resorts in Goa, but they do need a place to stay.

There are many ways to find a proper perfect place to stay, without spending too much money on it. Most of the first time travelers are moving either in groups or they have just decided to reach Goa on their own. Now that’s not a bad idea but one needs to have a general idea of the area or the location they intend to stay in, else it could get confusing. Approaching Goa tourism would be the best thing to do as they have information and people to assist the tourists in distress. The elite class resorts can be checked and booked over the internet, but there are many that don’t have a presence over the internet, and you need to know someone or a source that can help you locate these. To overcome difficulty in finding accommodation, one can skim through the list of resorts in Goa, take the guidance from Goa tourism and enjoy their break here.

Find out as much information about the resorts in Goa as one can; through internet, magazines, and travel guidebooks. It will let one have a rough idea on what lies ahead and how to go about booking an accommodation.

Once the detailed information is sought, it would be suggested that a place that looks good and has positive references to its credentials; should be booked for at least a night. This way one doesn’t have to worry about looking for accommodation at the last moment after his arrival, for a place to stay. It will also give him an idea of the surroundings and later he could go ahead and find an appropriate place for a longer duration at his choice of location and at an affordable or reasonable tariff.

If it’s a solo lady traveler, it would be recommended that she should choose a place that is not only safe but hygienically well maintained. A lady traveling alone and falling sick is not at all a good thing. Also, keeping the friends and family aware back home about the whereabouts of herself is indeed an excellent idea; for the safety reasons.

It’s not necessary that all resorts in Goa with an in-house restaurant, would be excellent as well. It’s the hospitality of the particular place that matters most. Even if the restaurant or facilities are perfect, but the staff isn’t apt in its services to the guest; the place is doomed for the visitor. Hence, it’s best to look someplace else for good accommodation.

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