The Best Travel Destinatons in China For Travelers of 12 Horoscopes II

For Cancer People

Cancer is the sign of family and home. For Cancerian travellers, they need to visit a place which give them a sense of belonging and where you can feel at home. Beihai (literally means ‘North Sea’) is famed among Chinese tourists for its silver beach, dubbed ‘the Number one beach on earth’. Much more charming is Beihai quaint old quarter of colonnade streets where colonial-era architectural heritage has escaped the demolition ball. It is a rewarding area for stroll.

For Scorpio People

Scorpiones own wonderful imagination and the meaning of travel for them lies in escape from the bondage of secular. So the place full of mystery can stir up your intellectual curiosity. Tibet is a ideal place for scorpios to travel. Tibet is famed among all travel-lovers for its exotic buildings, unique culture, captivating natural view, gilt-roofed monasteries and the most likeable peoples you will ever meet. Scorpios can discover inner peace as wandering through peaceful gardens and streets.

For Aquarius People

Aquarius people are fond of unique, mysterious and irritative things. Aquarians uphold freedom, democracy and emancipatory nature. So the cultural places are right for aquarius people. Dunhuang, the important town on Silk Road route, will cater to your needs. The fertile Dunhuang oasis has long been a refuge for weary Silk Road travellers. Most visitors stayed long enough to swap a camel and have a feed; others decided to settle down and built forts, towers and magnificent cave temples, which make Dunhuang a magnificent place, despite its remoteness.

For Gemini People

Gemini persons are witty, curious, manipulative, entertaining so they choose to multicultural places to travel. Qingdao is hardly old-school China, but its effortless blend of German architecture and modern city planning. Qingdao takes pride in its unique appearance and Chinese dubbed it as ‘China’s Switzerland’. Its charm lies in romance of sea.

For Libra People

Libra persons pursue the beauty and grace. The ancient towns and cities with traditional gardens will be your best choice. In China, you can visit Suzhou. Suzhou – described by Marco Polo as one of most beautiful cities – still contains enough pockets of charm to warrant tow to three day’s exploration. The must-see in Suzhou is its traditional Chinese gardens which well combined trees, rocks, lakes and ancient buildings well.