Badami – Famous For Rock-cut Temples

Badami was also known as Vatapi and located at the Bagalkot district of Karnataka. This place carries a historical value along with its antique sculptures. This place is designated as the cradle architecture of south India. According to legends, this place was the capital of the Badami Chalukyas from 540 AD to 757 AD. It is located at the foot of hilly red stone that encircle Agastya Lake. According to etymology the name Vatapi is originated from Vatapi legend of Ramayana and related the sage Agastya. The place is associated with a old anecdote. Still the two hills of this place symbolize the demons Vatapi and Ilvala. It is believed that the place is named Badami for the color of its stone which is similar to badam- almond. The boasts of eighteen inscriptions which date back to the ancient times. These inscription are the exemplification of many dynasties. The place is decorated with rock cut and other rare structural temples. A huge tourists are attracted by cave temples, gateways, forts, inscriptions and sculptures.

The four cave temples are connected with each other. Here the Buddhist cave is well known and can be entered by crawling on knees. The Bhutanatha temple, a small shrine which dates back to 5th century. Many Shivalayas including the Malegitti Shivalaya symbolizes the old architecture of 7th century. Badami Fort which is an another historical place and situated on top of the hill. The Mallikarjuna temple contains a unique architecture which is built on a star shaped plan and presents the art of 11th century. A Dargah, a dome of an Islamic place of worship is located on the south fort side. Vista points need a special mention as it located on the North fort and give a view of the ancient town. Temple of Banashankari was worshiped as a family deity by many families and still signifies the past time. This place boasts of an Archaeological museum that contains some rare sculptures of Badami, Pattadakal and Aihole. The sculptures depict the old Dravidian architecture which is well blended with Nagara mode of North India. This architectures are the excellent exemplification of the amalgamation of north and south Indian art. Here, most of the temples are cut out of solid rocks and are decorated elaborately. These old structures prominently symbolize the proficiency of the artisans of those ancient periods. The local people speak Kannada, Hindi and English and follow the Indian traditional wear.

The Banashankari Temple Festival is the well noticeable festival which happens between January to February. This festival allures a good number of pilgrims from all parts of India. Belgaum airport is the nearest airport of this place which is 190kms far from Badami. The airport caters domestic flights and is connects to Mumbai. The nearest major rail head is Hubli and connects all major cities of south India. By bus this place is also connected with Bijapur, Hubli, Bangalore and others. This place experiences hot to warm temperatures through the year. Most of the tourist visit this place from November to March. If you are traveling to Badami, start from Bangalore. You can get some good accommodation and transport in Bangalore. Bangalore Hotels can be booked online. Reputed online hotel offers a wide range ofbudget Hotels Hotels in Banglore. Do enjoy your trip.

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