Honeymoon Packages in Thekkady

Newly wedded occations are the days with romantic flavor that everybody want to be unique and memorable. In that hope, they embark on a romantic trip longing for, some private space to exchange experiences and dreams, and some exquisite experiences that will be alive in the memory.

There are lot of things to do in thekkady like wildlife, hillstations etc. for Thekkady Wildlife trip, visit:

Thekkady is an ideal place to share your love and dreams and see your mutual understanding grow. It will also present exceptional experiences which you will keep fondly in the pages of your album of memory. Thekkady is situated in Kerala which in itself is a treasure trove. Kerala is located in the Malabar Coast of southwestern India.

Thekkady is Romantic with its enchanting wildlife sanctuary, rolling hills, undulating meadows, serene lake, entertaining recreational activities, interesting sightseeing spots, aromatic plantations and exotic tribal villages will offer plenty of memorable experiences.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is the prominent attraction of Thekkady. The sanctuary is famous for its dense evergreen, moist deciduous forests and savanna grasslands. The sanctuary is home to elephants, sambar, tigers, gaur, and lion tailed Macaques and Nilgiri Langurs. It is declared a Tiger reserve. An artificial lake which is formed by Mulla Periyar dam encircles the sanctuary. You can have a boat ride in the lake savoring the wildlife and surrounding landscape. Herds of elephants coming to play in the lake are an imminent attraction of Thekkady. It is perhaps the only place in India where wildlife can be savored from the safety of boat.

Romantic trip in Thekkady will be memorable with elephant rides on offer within the sanctuary. You can ride on elephants relishing the exotic flora and fauna. There is also provision to go on Tiger trails. If you are fortunate, you can glimpse one.

The accommodation facilities and quality of service on offer in the hotels and resorts of Thekkady are superlative. They guarantee a cozy and comfortable stay. You can spend time huddling to each other the exquisite landscape of Thekkady from the balconies of hotels and resorts.

Thekkady is considered a heaven for natural spices like black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon and clove. The green carpet of spice plantations and their aroma is a refreshing and soothing experience.

Beside all, couples can also enjoy visit to exciting tourist places among which the most beautiful tourist places are Murikkady, Peermede, Parathumpara, Vandiperiyar and Calvary Mount. These places also lure the heart of the couples and offer them incredible opportunity to enjoy vacation with an ultimate experience of lifetime.

Singapore Package Singapore is a Foodie's Paradise

If you happen to be a foodie, then you have got one more reason to buy a Singapore package. Singapore is a country which surely needs no description! It is a widely popular tourist spot pulling in thousands of backpackers every year as they get lured towards its verdant beaches, temples, markets, marvels and restaurants. However, the country is also a foodie’s paradise known for serving your belly with a plethora of cuisines.

Singapore is a cosmopolitan country which also houses the Indian community, Chinese community and local Muslims. Hence, it is no surprise that cuisines of India and China are widely available. Moreover, all these cuisines retain that local Singapore flavor and have something unique to offer.

Singapore packages will pamper you up by helping you explore the various delicious corners of the country. Be it the Raffles hotel or food joints at Bugis Street, there is no limit to the quantity of cuisines & delicacies available in this part of the world. If you love your seafood, then East Coast Parkway will be your number one destination where you can sink your teeth into all kinds of sea food like oysters, squids, crabs and even octopuses. These special cuisines not just bring the most fearful creatures from the sea right into your plate but also leave a pleasant taste to your mouth.

Singapore packages also include visit to the Sentosa Island where there are a hoard of restaurants lined up to serve you with their exotic meals. The month of July also witnesses a special Singapore Food Festival. If you can make it during that time, then you can even taste some of the yummiest and most experimental foods that you have ever seen.

If you’re a shopaholic, Singapore serves you with an experience like never before. Shopping is, in fact, the national time pass in Singapore, and a rewarding experience for travelers related to any lifestyle and budget. Orchard Road is the most famous and the largest shopping spot at the island brimming with a range of shopping arcades. Mustafa Center, spanning two complexes in the middle of Little India, is also a great place to shop anything ranging from garments to jewelry and cosmetics to artifacts. The Newly opened Parco Marina Bay is one more popular shopping spot in Singapore. Nestled in the sleepy Millennia Walk, it offers a quality range of goods at lucrative rates. Apart from that, Chinatown, Little India and Ann Siang Road market make you full your shopping bags when in Singapore.

A budget-friendly Singapore package is your ultimate passport to a land not just known for its food but also for its beaches, extraordinary man-made structures and its wildlife. You just need to choose among the customized Singapore packages to ensure a delightful vacation at this wonderful land. Professional support from a reliable travel agency also comes in handy to plan your journey perfectly.

Nightlife in Pune

Pune is known to be the cultural capital of Maharashtra. The city has stood witness to a magnificent history and is known for its architectural marvels and picturesque milieu. The culture of Pune exhibits strong ethnic roots interwoven with polished modernity. The city has emerged as one of the most preferred places by the young generation to pursue their higher studies or work as Pune houses some of the best colleges and MNCs. The travelers for offering great architectural marvels and a great weather also love the city. But it does not mean that the city offers a lot that could done only during the day light but there a lot you can do after the sun goes down too. The nightlife in Pune is as exciting as you get to see in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. Pune has a number of nationally and internationally renowned nightlife destinations that organizes late night parties and live performances. Numerous discotheques, pubs, bars and restaurants make nightlife in Pune a vibrant, enthralling and an enchanting affair.

As the night gets darker and darker, the nighttime destinations in Pune attracts people not only just Puneites but also people from neighboring cities and towns. The majority of people visiting these places are either students or young working professionals who go to such places to relax, enjoy and cut loose the monotony of their work life. Also nightlife in Pune can be enjoyed to its fullest since the city is safe during the late hours unlike some cities. Most of the night time destinations in Pune offer dancing to live or piped in music and these places see flowing in some of the best national and international artists to make nightlife in Pune more merrier, vivacious and glamorous. With eclectic drinks, delicious food and awesome music accompanying one is bound to forget just everything and live in the moment. Pune comes alive at night and to witness that one need to visit the various discos, pubs bars and lounges at night.

To get the best of the nightlife in Pune, one can hit places such as Area 51, Club Polaris, 1000 Oaks Pub, Soho Bar, Ten Downing Street Nightclub and high Spirits Cafe. Area 51 is situated in Baner Road and is one of the trendiest spot that offers lip smacking American, Asian, Chinese, French, Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. Club Polaris is located inside the Hotels Taj Blue Diamond in Koregaon Park and is jam packed specially on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Another exciting venue is the 1000 Oaks Pub, situated on the east street in the Volga Chowk Camp area, which is popular for its music and beer. For some amazing cocktails hit the Soho Bar that is situated in Kalyani Nagar.

Adventure on Great Ocean Road

Australia is a blessed with abundant and unique natural wonders and incredible sites. It is really one of the best options for tourist destination. With the great population and global changes, the country still preserves its natural beauty along with its living creatures. If you plan a road tour and want to fulfill his dream of driving tour then Australia’s Great Ocean Road is extraordinary option. Here you are experiencing your dream ride in this region; during the drive on this adventurous road you may try and enjoy lots of breathtaking and unbelievable activities. The Great Ocean Road drive is ideal for you and your thrilling adventurous destination.

The best thing during great ocean road drive at the place is the bike riding. I think you know very well the benefits of riding a bike. The spectacular scenery of the location and the freshness of the air add more grace in your adventures, I am sure you never enjoy this before in life like this kind of drive. This awesome drive vacation will give you full relaxation and you will able to work out while having a fantastic and stress-free vacation.

If you love photography then there is no comparison of this road with any other option for photography. You’ll appreciate the region which is rich with exceptional nature’s offers. From the bountiful forests, clear and impressive golden sand beaches, to the unique and rare animal and flower spices. Everyone can truly be fascinated by these wonderful views offer on the both side of the great ocean road. These clicks will hold great memories in your mind about unforgettable Great Ocean Road adventure.

Like his name of road great facilities of accommodation available on the both side of road at all length. If your tour is long for 3-4 days then no need to worry. These hotels offer great staying facilities for visitors with delicious food dishes. On the entire great ocean road food points are located in the form of restaurants and cafes. To fully feel the vibrant waters of the region, you may go for ferry ride which is famous in Australia. You will be taken to the many streams, rivers and waterfalls of the area and discover plenty water creatures and plants as you sail over the clean and fresh bodies of water.

During your stay at the pier or the coastline, you can wait for the blue whales as they visit the area during winter season. In fact, you can see them very clearly with field glasses free of cost. There are several events that occur throughout the year on the great ocean road. There are music festivals, surfing competitions, air shows, swimming events, and so much more. After complete the trip you really say one thing that great ocean drive is awesome. Great Ocean Road is an ideal tourist destination for a family because there is something for reach over there you can book a great ocean road ferry from Queenscliff or Sorrento and you can also carry your own cars in the ferry to drive on Great Ocean Road.

Tips to Locate Perfect Resorts in Goa

In the past 10 years the land of beaches, sun and immense natural beauty has outgrown itself; a lot of houses, infrastructures, eateries and resorts in Goa have come up eating into the open spaces. Now it is a bit difficult to figure out the perfect place to dine or stay ; especially if none of a visitor’s friends or relatives has ever been to Goa (even though that is a rare situation). In that case, one has to be extremely aware of few things while choosing a place to stay. This goes specifically for those backpackers who can’t afford the ‘star’ resorts in Goa, but they do need a place to stay.

There are many ways to find a proper perfect place to stay, without spending too much money on it. Most of the first time travelers are moving either in groups or they have just decided to reach Goa on their own. Now that’s not a bad idea but one needs to have a general idea of the area or the location they intend to stay in, else it could get confusing. Approaching Goa tourism would be the best thing to do as they have information and people to assist the tourists in distress. The elite class resorts can be checked and booked over the internet, but there are many that don’t have a presence over the internet, and you need to know someone or a source that can help you locate these. To overcome difficulty in finding accommodation, one can skim through the list of resorts in Goa, take the guidance from Goa tourism and enjoy their break here.

Find out as much information about the resorts in Goa as one can; through internet, magazines, and travel guidebooks. It will let one have a rough idea on what lies ahead and how to go about booking an accommodation.

Once the detailed information is sought, it would be suggested that a place that looks good and has positive references to its credentials; should be booked for at least a night. This way one doesn’t have to worry about looking for accommodation at the last moment after his arrival, for a place to stay. It will also give him an idea of the surroundings and later he could go ahead and find an appropriate place for a longer duration at his choice of location and at an affordable or reasonable tariff.

If it’s a solo lady traveler, it would be recommended that she should choose a place that is not only safe but hygienically well maintained. A lady traveling alone and falling sick is not at all a good thing. Also, keeping the friends and family aware back home about the whereabouts of herself is indeed an excellent idea; for the safety reasons.

It’s not necessary that all resorts in Goa with an in-house restaurant, would be excellent as well. It’s the hospitality of the particular place that matters most. Even if the restaurant or facilities are perfect, but the staff isn’t apt in its services to the guest; the place is doomed for the visitor. Hence, it’s best to look someplace else for good accommodation.

Best Places to Go Sightseeing in Canada

Beautiful and scenic views of nature are some of the biggest attractions of Canada. Foreigners who visit the country can not miss the beauty of the rivers, lakes, mountains, and forests that are unspoiled by development and urbanization. If you stay at a hotel outside of a major urban centre, or if you stay with friends and family in a rural area, you may even be able to enjoy picturesque views right from your bedroom window. Such is the natural beauty of Canada that photographers, nature lovers, and tourists come to see, and to explore for themselves the kind of scenic places that you would normally only see in postcards.

The best way to enjoy the Canadian landscape is to go on a road trip. Driving by scenic locations gives you the opportunity to stop if you want and have a closer look. Here are three popular routes that offer spectacular scenery:

Highway 60 Corridor, Ontario

This highway runs through the southern part of the famous Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario. It is a leisurely drive that allows you to take in beautiful views of the lakes, rivers, cliffs and beaches along the way. The best time of the year to view the forests is in the autumn when the leaves turn to yellow, orange and red. It is also common to see wildlife along the highway, especially moose. Visitors often have the chance to get close to animals in their wild habitat.

It takes about an hour to drive along the Highway 60 Corridor through the park. In addition, since Algonquin Park has many great locations for camping, you can stop and set up camp for the night. While you are there, you can explore the park on its many walking and hiking trails.

Badlands Trail, Alberta

If you enjoy scenes from the old West, the Badlands in Alberta is one of the places you should visit. It is described as having a dry, lunar-like landscape. The best part is viewing locations where dinosaur skeletons have been unearthed. Many of them are displayed nearby at the Prehistoric Garden and Tyrrell Museum.

Visitors can drive along the Dinosaur Trail, which covers a distance of 48 kilometers. From there, you can see the entire badlands and the canyons in the distance. If you feel like stretching your legs, you can stop at the Dinosaur Provincial Park and literally walk on the ground where the dinosaurs once trod.

The St. Lawrence Route, Quebec

If you are looking for unimpeded views of open water, you should drive along the St. Lawrence Route in Quebec. This scenic area has been named a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, so expect to see many beautiful, natural sights.

The route is 50 km long and overlooks the St. Lawrence River with a beautiful backdrop of mountains beyond. Along the way, you will drive past the charming town of Baie-Saint-Paul. The buildings have a classic, brown brick facade complete with tall chimneys, arched doorways, and high, rectangular windows. It is so picturesque that you will want to stop for a while to take pictures and have a meal in one of the restaurants.

As a precaution in case you need to stay overnight somewhere along the way or are required to provide identification, be sure to bring your travel documents. If you are accompanied by parents or grandparents, you may also want to bring along their Super Visa insurance papers in case they have a medical emergency while you are out sightseeing.

Thailand Packages – Explore Wonders with Thailand Tour Packages

Think Thailand and you think of a wondrous kingdom with pristine blue waters, enticing beaches, coral reefs teeming with rainbow colored fishes; delectable Thai food and massage; pulsating nightlife, Buddhist temple spires reaching up to touch the heavens; exotic wildlife and spectacular islands. Thailand with its “land of smiles” reputation has something for everyone that lures travelers from all over the world. The most popular tourist destinations in Thailand are Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Krabi & Koh Lanta. Check out a comprehensive range of Thailand tour packages that guarantee you a unique holiday experience in Thailand.

Distinctive Thailand packages let you seep into the fascinating world of Bangkok, capital of Thailand, where you can head for those glittering malls and shopping destinations. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife, visit the Grand Palace, not to forget the sumptuous spread of dinners that come in those glitzy, lavish restaurants, and experience the spirituality of the temples of Bangkok.

Visit Pattaya, just two hours away from Bangkok and enjoy the water sports including surfing, boating, sailing, wind surfing, scuba diving, or just laze on the beaches of Pattaya. Take a speedboat to Coral Island just across the harbor from Pattaya and in the evening take in a Tiffany Show or Alcazar Show in Pattaya by choosing one of the best Thailand holiday packages.

Phuket, a one-hour flight from Bangkok is a holidaymaker’s paradise. Phuket, a top beach resort, is a crowd puller that offers the best beaches in South East Asia. Take a trip to Phi Phi Island from Phuket to see the James Bond Island, go snorkeling in the blue waters of Phuket and enjoy the water sports at Patong Beach. Shop to your heart’s content at the large shopping malls that dot Phuket and in the evening take in the Fantasia Show or enjoy the nightlife along Patong in Phuket.

Krabi, the southern province on Thailand’s Andaman Coast, is a fast moving holiday destination for romantic honeymoon couples who want to feel lost in time. Choose from the many lucrative Thailand packages to visit a land of beaches, cliffs, caves, waterfalls, forests and national parks all combined into one heady cocktail called Krabi.

Holidaying In Sentosa

The tourism in Singapore has been booming of late with a staggering number of visitors increasing in leaps and bounds. Sentosa Island is a happening hot spot for the visitors so why not take a look this particular place and the factors that make it tick? A cable car ride from Harbor Front would drop you at Sentosa Island in ten minutes. This majorly rain forest infested island serves as a good tourist locale for the visitors to Singapore.

The nature lovers should not a miss a chance to visit the Orchard Garden with the most exotic kinds of the flowers growing there. The Butterfly Park has innumerable species of butterflies and so does the Insect Kingdom with many insect varieties.

If you don’t fear heights, why not take a visit to the tallest and most imposing tower in Asia which is called the Carlsberg- Sky tower? This tower can give you a magnificent spectacle of Singapore and Sentosa.

The acclaimed beaches of Sentosa are also instrumental in drawing the tourists in. The most happening beach is called the Siloso. With a visit here, get set for a larky day of sun basking, beach games and adventurous sports like canoeing.

The Singapore tourism guide provides detailed information on the umpteen places to visit which include Singapore and Sentosa. Dolphin Lagoon at Sentosa is a fun spot especially for the marine life enthusiasts who get a chance to watch the pink humpbacked dolphins. For the history lovers, Fort Siloso provides an artillery display used during the World war 2. Underwater world houses a lot of marine life and has been a long standing tourist attraction.

The Palawan beach is yet another of the wonderful Sentosa island beaches. Impeccably maintained and having an animal show in close proximity, it is certainly a grand place to set foot in. Do you love to gamble? Then run along to Resort World Sentosa Casino. It is a little bit of a lark but spending some dollars will not cause you any harm, provided that you don’t overdo it.

If you are fond of acrobatics , try the Flying Trapeze. It is meant for kids and adults both and quite safe with well trained staff providing effective guidance at all times.

By skimming through the travel article, have you realized the allure of Sentosa as a demarcated tourist spot? Then be sure to spend an extra day there exploring all the sighs, on your next Singapore visit.

Badami – Famous For Rock-cut Temples

Badami was also known as Vatapi and located at the Bagalkot district of Karnataka. This place carries a historical value along with its antique sculptures. This place is designated as the cradle architecture of south India. According to legends, this place was the capital of the Badami Chalukyas from 540 AD to 757 AD. It is located at the foot of hilly red stone that encircle Agastya Lake. According to etymology the name Vatapi is originated from Vatapi legend of Ramayana and related the sage Agastya. The place is associated with a old anecdote. Still the two hills of this place symbolize the demons Vatapi and Ilvala. It is believed that the place is named Badami for the color of its stone which is similar to badam- almond. The boasts of eighteen inscriptions which date back to the ancient times. These inscription are the exemplification of many dynasties. The place is decorated with rock cut and other rare structural temples. A huge tourists are attracted by cave temples, gateways, forts, inscriptions and sculptures.

The four cave temples are connected with each other. Here the Buddhist cave is well known and can be entered by crawling on knees. The Bhutanatha temple, a small shrine which dates back to 5th century. Many Shivalayas including the Malegitti Shivalaya symbolizes the old architecture of 7th century. Badami Fort which is an another historical place and situated on top of the hill. The Mallikarjuna temple contains a unique architecture which is built on a star shaped plan and presents the art of 11th century. A Dargah, a dome of an Islamic place of worship is located on the south fort side. Vista points need a special mention as it located on the North fort and give a view of the ancient town. Temple of Banashankari was worshiped as a family deity by many families and still signifies the past time. This place boasts of an Archaeological museum that contains some rare sculptures of Badami, Pattadakal and Aihole. The sculptures depict the old Dravidian architecture which is well blended with Nagara mode of North India. This architectures are the excellent exemplification of the amalgamation of north and south Indian art. Here, most of the temples are cut out of solid rocks and are decorated elaborately. These old structures prominently symbolize the proficiency of the artisans of those ancient periods. The local people speak Kannada, Hindi and English and follow the Indian traditional wear.

The Banashankari Temple Festival is the well noticeable festival which happens between January to February. This festival allures a good number of pilgrims from all parts of India. Belgaum airport is the nearest airport of this place which is 190kms far from Badami. The airport caters domestic flights and is connects to Mumbai. The nearest major rail head is Hubli and connects all major cities of south India. By bus this place is also connected with Bijapur, Hubli, Bangalore and others. This place experiences hot to warm temperatures through the year. Most of the tourist visit this place from November to March. If you are traveling to Badami, start from Bangalore. You can get some good accommodation and transport in Bangalore. Bangalore Hotels can be booked online. Reputed online hotel offers a wide range ofbudget Hotels Hotels in Banglore. Do enjoy your trip.

Igloo Village Weddings Offer a Once in a Lifetime Experience

Imagine arriving to your wedding destination by a reindeer drawn sleigh and walking down a fur covered aisle in a pristine ice chapel. This is exactly the type of experience you can have in Kakslauttanen. The unique igloo village weddings offer couples a once in a lifetime experience on their wedding day. Set amongst the trees and blankets of white snow, the igloo village is the perfect destination white wedding venue.

Impress Your Closest Friends and Family with an Igloo Wedding

Every girl dreams of the magic of her wedding day, and she looks forward to sharing the day with friends and family. With igloo village weddings, not only will your closest friends and family be able to share in a unique adventure, but they’ll be awestruck by all that’s offered. Forget the traditional horse and carriage fairy tale weddings. In Kakslauttanen, you’ll arrive and leave from the wedding venue in a reindeer drawn sleigh. Next, you’ll walk down the aisle in a snow built chapel decorated with candles and flowers. Your guests will sit comfortably on small benches as they watch you exchange vows in one of the most unique wedding venues in the world.

The photographer will take captivating shots of your wedding ceremony, the pristine ice chapel, and your guests. Don’t forget to bring your own camera to capture shots of everything you’ll see and do during your stay. Even though this destination wedding location only accommodates a small amount of guests, you can still impress everyone back home with breathtaking pictures.

Start Your Honeymoon on Location

Once the vows are exchanged, you can immediately start your honeymoon adventure. Igloo village weddings offer both traditionally built snow igloos and glass covered igloos. Looking at rows of softly lit glass igloos is a beautiful sight in itself, but the glass covered igloos are a popular choice because it allows you to catch a glimpse of the beautiful northern lights without having to stand out in below freezing temperatures.

You can book an igloo for one night or more, but many couples prefer to have the igloo experience for one night and enjoy the rest of their honeymoon in a rustic, warm cabin located elsewhere on the property. The hotel will help you schedule activities such as sledding, where you’re pulled by either a reindeer or a group of huskies, and snowmobiling for you and your wedding guests. Once you have some alone time, you can enjoy the winter wonderland from the comfort of an outdoors hot tub. With igloo village weddings, you can expect to have a memorable wedding experience at a uniquely beautiful location.